pic: bot pic 1

do you have any encoders on the crab modules to insure the CIM’s are all running at the same speed???

We have had problems with that in the past, and having a different gearbox for each wheel, there are many factors of friction that could very your output speed of your wheels…

Other than that, good looking robot so far!!!

I hate to be that guy, but do you have 6 inches on both sides of that pick-up mechanism to mount bumpers? It looks more like 3 inches to me…

Cool swerve though, post pictures of the rest of the bot when you have them!

i’d be a tad weary of those welds. Not being critical but its something you guys should give some thought. otherwise, sweet crab. i’ve always loved crab drive and that’s the way to make it KISS. i see good utilization of the kit parts. nice job guys.

we are about 90% done we still need to put the bumper mounts on.

just because a weld is not pretty, doesn’t mean it wont hold. Feel free to laugh at our frame ( I did the welding)

As long as you realize each side of a corner must be protected with at least 6" of bumper consisting of all 3 elements (plywood, noodle, cloth), mounted to a solid section of the main robot structure/frame.

ok we got the bumpers mounted to the frame and i have no clue what else on the account i was sick like all weekend i think all that is left is for the programmer