pic: Bots on Bots CD 47

2007 ----- Think of the possibilities!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lREfkvVSQ-8&eurl=


Aside from the “wow!” of the robot(s), it’s neat how the colors in the picture perfectly match the colors of the forum. What a coincidence!

Not really a coincidence :smiley: CD runs the forum, so it uses their colors (orange, black). They use their team colors for their robots, too.

oooooo…aaaaaaaaa…you have two robots? and two teams going! awsome

previous years robots, more likely.

(and the color/coincidence thing was a joke…)

One of those robots says ‘OCCRA’ on it (the local off-season robotics league)

This year’s robot is UNDER the two you see. The two you see are the ones from OCCRA and 2006, respectively.

Incidently - MARVOLOUS ramps. I like the two stage deployment. That plastic looks IMPOSSIBLE to cut through ;).

HELLOoooooo from the North East and TEAM 88 :yikes:
Yep its me OLD MOE, this one looks like another great bot again, well done and with time to drive it. This one is CD 12 right ??? It is nice to see 2 bots up, we also do that but we have different colors on the bot OH YEAH !!!. Hope all goes super for TEAM 47 this year I will be checking on you :smiley:
See ya “in GA”
MOE fron TEAM 88 TJ2


I’m curous about your ramps… how do you fold the wings out after you drop the platform? How much does the ramp setup weigh?

They are unlatched by a servo, sprung out, and then rotated by the 2 globe motors, one on each side. They are close to 16.5 lbs for each assembly motor and all included.:slight_smile:

The manipulator is really interesting , can you post more pictures ?

Very Nice, a little early for 47 to be showing their stuff???

None the less, as usual, I am impressed, and I suspect it will get better as the season progresses…

How do the ramps come out? What an awesome robot.

See this thread. :slight_smile:

The manipulator is a bucket split in half with a rack and pinion that opens and closes it. It is a pretty unique unit and hey it works really well.:wink:

Yeah it is very unique, and difficult to put together, but it was well worth it…:wink:

Nice, cant wait to see ya in action.

oh i didnt see the small one underneath. i just saw the tow big ones and they looked like they could do the task, therefore i assumed that those were competition bots for this year. it is very nice.