pic: Bottamundo the Go Bot

4 wheel independent drive eliminated chain and looked snazzy, so we went with it. We coupled the globe motors to drive a ball screw to move our arm up and down.

Nice solid frame!! Gotta love the no chain…

One question, is that masking tape?? :confused:

Yes, tape keeps our gearboxes clean.

And yes, that is my shoe in the top right corner.

The tape was there so we wouldnt get chips in the gearboxes. I forgot to take them off when i was taking the picture. i

Do you guys really need all that traction?

Also, how do you plan to score points? All I see is the arm. (in the picture, anyway.)

hehe, we’ll hang and do a little more. You’ll see. But we can lift an extra 200 lbs if we need to get someone off our backs. what it comes down to is our autonomous. we’re integrating line following, dead reckoning and IR sensors to achieve a reliable autonomous. Check out the pic loader for linux at www.hartrobot.com

And I thought the tape was hiding your secret gear ratios. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that a tank drive? I notice each wheel is driven independently. I guessing two of the motors are “driven” together in the program.

I’m confused, is this team 47’s bot or team 691’s? I like the frame btw, but it could use a paint job

no paint…powder coat that sucker if your gonna do something to it…

This is 691’s bot.

Let’s not make fun of the paint job of the frame…

Just remember, kiddies: it’s what’s on the inside that truly matters. Who says a bot needs to look cool to be great? :slight_smile: