pic: Bottom of 753

This is the bottom of our robot. We have two Andy Mark transmissions w/ pneumatic shifter piston attached. Also, we used two large pieces of aluminum pipe to mount the track system.

Looks impressive
David, do you ever change your sweatshirt?

Will the pneumatic tubing be covered with a Aluminum sheet?

I love the structural aluminum tubing, looks nice!

Treads, huh? Looks like you will be pushing everyone around in Davis again this year. sigh

We never leave home without treads, and this year we promise we’ll try not to break any robots in two :yikes:
This year were going more aggressive, however these treads will keep us kickin’ butt as always…I’ve got an updated pic on the way!

That looks real sweet!!!
You guys always have a good robot every year.

Thank you very much, we try to do our best!

I noticed your bot in Sacramento last time around. It was a pretty sweet bot. I liked your drivetrain; I think it was the best pushing bot I’ve ever seen that used wheels. Light, strong, and fast.

We’ll be seeing you there again, right? I really do hope we get paired up.


You know… We here on team 100 would really like our transmission back…
We did pay several hundred dollars for it…

PM me for more info.

[edit] just remember to bring it to Davis! [edit]

Yeah, we’ll be there at sacramento this year, and cant wait to see your robot. This year we still got the low gearing and this year we got 6wd instead of 4wd.


I’m glad you folks have reconsidered your defensive strategies, and I’m also glad that we won’t have to worry about having our robot bashed to pieces while flipped.

But anyway, looks really nice as always.


Looks awesome as usual guys! Should be a beast.

lol, I wouldn’t say they bashed robots to pieces! our alliance (last year) just tended to “corral” robots towards/up the ramp, and the robots in their urge to get out tended to flip themselves, mostly without any direct contact.

Ya, we promise to try not to “kill other robots”
Were in trouble! It’s 1:43 AM, and were 1 inch width out of spek and our code isn’t working right! This is a completly different year!
“Coralling” is fun…