pic: Bottom View of Tumbleweed

148’s robot from the bottom, undergoing maintenance in between matches on Einstein.

Hundreds more photos (especially of the Galileo division) are available at http://picasaweb.google.com/patfair/Championship2008.

Are all 6 of those motors going to you drive train? That would explain why you guys had so much power. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, or a robot by its size, but we were amazed to see you all pushing teams around and playing excellent defence.

Congrats on a great year. What a fantastic robot :yikes:

Very functional design … Its always fun to see “the littleguy” pushing around the “big bots” (size wise) :smiley: Big thigs DO come in small packages… LOL

sweet design!!!

darn cool and very impressed it can be pulled off :yikes: any more pics of the internals?

I love the plate that holds the battery in.

You can tell by their frame who they’re sponsored by, can’t you?
(RACK Solutions)

Which is just another division of IFI - their main sponsor.
Makes sense everything is nice and neat, for multiple reasons.

I see no IFI sticker, logo, or name on their robot. It would appear to me that they’re sponsored by Rack Solutions, not IFI as a whole. :wink: