pic: BoulderChess! FIRST Stronghold board game

Inspired by another thread about board games, I wrote some quick instructions for play, over in White Papers. It uses chess and checker pieces and two chess boards, or use the one I made. Someday I may learn how to play.

That looks awesome, could you post the rules you wrote for it?

here. https://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/papers/3271

Has anyone played it yet?

We’re still trying to connect the Pieces to the field… :eek:

So no one tried it? <sadface> Too difficult?

I finally found someone to play with me! Yay :smiley: I am playing now and have a few questions.

  1. Is ejecting the Boulder into the royal chambers done as it’s own turn, or part of the same turn as moving the “robot” into the four tower squares. It seems to me like the latter would make the game flow better.

  2. Are pawns required to move if they can? Or can a player opt to not move a pawn for strategic purposes?

  3. In the manual it says that if both the king and queen have a captured boulder, one of them is immediately moved to the secret passage and that counts as a turn. Does that mean that, for example, the queen already has a Boulder and a king moves onto one for it’s move, the Boulder is moved to the secret passage in the same turn, or is it that the next turn is made up of only moving the Boulder to the secret passage?

  4. This isn’t a question about the rules, but an observation. There seems to be a “piling up” effect of boulders at the end of the secret passage toward the middle of the game because the 6 Boulders that start in the Royal chambers are moved out faster than the “robots” can score them. This isn’t necessarily a problem, I just thought I’d bring it up.

Could you post a few explanations example turns to maybe clarify the rules better? Kind of like the game manuals have boxes with scenarios. That would help immensely.

So far it’s turning out to be a great game to play. It is definitely much easier to learn for someone intimately familiar with the rules of Stronghold. I’m playing with my mom who doesn’t really have any knowledge of the game other than from watching matches at competitions. I play normal chess a lot and this is an awesome twist to it!

Thanks for sharing this game! :smiley:

Thanks for trying it! I’ll have answers when I get a chance. Just remember it isn’t quite complete and a works-in-progress and will need tweaking with either a toothpick or a jackhammer.