pic: Brakes in action!

Here are brajkes come on at the end of game and keep us from rolling off. Here is the furthest angle we can be without the omni wheels rolling us off.

Do this, pop that thing into low gear and put it in the same position and tell me if it will move/slide/fall or not. I’m just curious about the acutal necessity of brakes.

Well at 30 degrees It would most definitely slide down with our transmissions. How did you implement the brakes though? Did you just set the brake jumper on the victor, or actually design a mechanical brake?

It falls.

We used 3/4 x 1 bimba with a little pad attached to it. We designed it so that when the power is cut off the brakes come on, we can overide it though if need be during the comp.


see the link above for pict.