pic: Brazilian Team 1860 - 3D Electronic Board

Hi, all.

This is the 3D project to our electronic board, we made in solid works first, but we will make in Autodesk Invertor too.

L.A Regional - we will go!


8 victors !!!?:yikes: please elaborate on your set up.

The bigger question: No jags or spikes? I wonder what you are using your 8 victors on…

We’ll use 3 Victors for Drive System (we’ll use three CIM’s with three Wheels).

1 Victor for one Globe to the positioning of wheels ( all is turntables ).

1 Victor to get the balls on the floor.
1** Victor to lift the balls to the dumper.

1 Victor to shake the base of the dumper.

1 Victor to rotate the dumper.

Now we’re doing the batteries consumption’s analysis for all motors and we will improve the performance via software.

One aspect that Bruno didn’t says, is that the eletronic board was designed to be removable. All interfaces with motors and sensors will be conected in conectors in the structure’s robot that we’ll can desconect.

We are doing this, because the mechanical job will be made parallel with eletronic job, and the integrity of all components will be guaranteed.

Looks nice, hope that I get to see it in person sometime.

We don’t want use a Jaguar because it is very big…and about spike…we need velocity control.:cool:


We had the same feeling about the jags until we did a test with them on the drive train. The jags seemed to give us greater control on the low end of the power curve. This makes the robot much easier to control on the playing surface and reduces those pesky burnouts.