pic: Brazilian Team Sings Brazil's National Anthem

Awesome singing guys. Never heard it until Friday. It was a sight to see.

Hey, thanks a lot for this picture!
We all felt really proud for singing our Anthem in front of so many people! In 2001 NASA Langley’s Regional some of us sang the Anthem, but the whole team singing was a very different experience! :smiley:
And apparently we set a trend, as well, since Team 85 was (greatly!) represented by one single member on Friday and on Saturday the whole team went on the field to sing. :wink:
What a great regional it was, that’s for sure! :slight_smile:

Was this at New Jersey?

No, this was at Midwest Regional, last weekend.
Team #1382 sang our National Anthem at the NJ Regional and here’s a picture.

They brought a killer robot with them, too!

By the way…I love the Brazilian national anthem…though every time I think about it I hear it done the way that the Voices of Liberty did it back when at Nationals was in Epcot.

So, back when I was in HS, all the choir kids who also did robots loved the Brazilian national anthem, especially that one girl in Voices of Liberty who ended the anthem with that high pitched “Braziiiiiil!” We’d all try to hit the note, etc…we just loved it.

So, during graduation practice one of these girls was sitting in the row in front of me, and our friend (another choir kid, but not from robots), had just finished the national anthem, so I tapped her shoulder and said “So, are you ready for the Brazilian anthem now?”…and her face lit up and she squeald, “Braziiiiiiiil!”

…man, Brazil, your anthem rocks. :wink:


The Voices of Liberty rendition was a very good one, although the “Braziiiil” part isn’t really sang like that. No idea how they came up with that, but it sure sounds nice! :slight_smile:
As for the Midwest regional…
Our anthem is really hard to sing without musical background, and no one in Brazil is used to it (like you guys sing your anthem).
If you watch the video again, you’ll see that on Friday we kept there for some seconds waiting for the music to start, until we realized there weren’t any! :wink:
We never practiced it and surprinsingly we managed to do something acceptable, with 23 people singing it!
We all think it’s great that you guys like our anthem, I read in a British magazine a couple of years ago that it was picked as the most beautiful anthem in the (duh!) world! We all like your anthem as well, and the Saturday opening ceremony was awesome, with the entire gym singing the anthem. Too bad you guys couldn’t sing ours as well! :stuck_out_tongue:
Now I’m gonna be biased and ask you to listen to our State Anthem, it is even better than the National one!
Here is a low quality version . Enjoy! :wink: