pic: Break The Chains

We decided to make custom super shifters with dual outputs for our 8 wheel drop. This will allow us to drive with 4 wheels at all times even if we loose ALL of our chains.

Man that is a thing of beauty, how much does it weigh?

:yikes: WOW that looks beautiful. what speeds is that thing geared for out of curiosity, and i second the question about the weight??

10.75 Pounds.

Speed is calculated out to 18fps and 4.5fps.

Wow! That looks awesome!

Looks nice, much like the module Andrew Remmers made last season:

Here’s one for those of you who can’t get on facebook at work:

So Team Driven is running a two speed, eight wheel drop this year huh? Should be an interesting two competitions with them…I’ll have to make some time to go check out this sexy gearbox and the pizza box. I wonder if the two are mutually exclusive.

On a curious side note…21.5lbs is a lot to invest in just drive gearboxes…even if it does afford you the ability to drop all chains. In perspective, an AM Super Shifter is 4lbs, and VEXPro Ball Shifter is 2.5-3.05, depending on stages.

It must be 10.75 lbs with motors installed. A ss from AM is approx 10 lbs with motors.

If you ever decide to make this again, use WCP gears. They’re a ton lighter than the steel ones you’re using. 10lbs is heavy for a gearbox, and I feel like aluminuim gears could lighten it significantly.

It definately has that sexy factor. I love the ability to withstand a chain break too. Personally, the weight outweighs the robustness in my mind.

This design reminds me a bit of a 448 module from AM

We will look for the WCP gears. This shifter is for our practice bot. So we could probably order some for the final version.

Does that include the chain needed?

That is Beast

+1 on the WCP gears. RC and co know what they’re doing.

(I hope someone gets this…)