pic: Breakaway Field Mockup (now with a simulator!)

A teammate created this mockup of the Breakaway field from documents provided by FIRST. It is an approximation, and is not 100% accurate. This mockup was made using Blender software.

1/10 Edit: And now we have a game simulator at:

Click on the picture for full-res.

That’s really cool. Great job! :yikes:


I can dig it, I can dig it - and so quickly too! Nice job!

Great job! This is such a cool simulation. Do you think you’ll make updated versions with AI robots or possible multi player?

Blender3D, huh?

Not bad! Has potential for a whole lot more, if the programmer is into it. :slight_smile:

This is very cool! Thank you very much for sharing this. Great work on your part.

Good job! :wink:

(I’m the creator)

I’m not sure if I’ll expand it really far, I just meant it to help teams get a basic feel for the field. AI is tough, Blender uses a Logic Brick visual programming system, but for more complex logic, you can use the Python programming language, which I don’t know (yet…).
However, I made some adjustments in this update, like resizing the bumps (they were about 2x as large as they really would be) and giving the game more accurate physics (by that I mean instead of -9.81 gravity, it’s now -19.62, but it is more realistic.)
I also changed the “time” so that it does not end the game, but simply goes into negative time.
And the car is now controlled by the arrow keys instead of WASD.

[http://www.mediafire.com/file/numw2ky4yjh/Breakaway Rev 1-11-10.zip](Breakaway Rev 1/11/10)

The simulator has been updated!

New features:

Flappers (pinball style)
Unlimited time
New control scheme

Blender? open source for the win!

So much win and love for this. Great job!


Thanks so much for the kind mention of 5th Gear in your simulator’s documentation file!

Looks like we might have to light a fire under ourselves if we want to keep up with Team 1986 :slight_smile:

Are you able to export your field model as an FBX or Collada file?

Blake (one of the 5th Gear guys)


Nicely done.

Wow, that’s awesome. Nice Job! :slight_smile:

Thanks for creating this, and doing it so quickly!

Good Job!

Great Job! Happy to be your teammate.

Oh, I forgot to fully update the “Controls and Info” text document.

Shift controls the flippers.

And that was really the only thing I forgot! :smiley:

EDIT: Okay, the file is now updated.
I could probably do another drive train (say, a mock omni drive or something), but I personally do not know Python, Blender’s programming language. (yet…)
I may attempt to convert one of our robots to test such a system.

This is awesome, I just regret that it’s blender, because I’d love to be able to interchange the robot with some of our 3D models from inventor :slight_smile:

Has anyone been able to ELEVATE the car above the plane of the platform before the time runs out. If so, what was your method and did the bonus in points factor in?

I hope our robot gets air like that little car does! Wheee!

A great tool to get a sense for what it might be like on the field. If this is what you can come up with in a few days, I wonder what it might be like after a few weeks.

On-line network play? Model and upload your own custom robots? Sheesh… we’d hardly have to show up for the competition. :]