pic: Breakfast at Connecticut kickoff event


Yes, it's reminiscent of RAGE's tailgating breakfasts, but instead it's the breakfast served at last weekend's RAGE/NEMO/UTRC kickoff event in Connecticut. RAGE does know how to serve up the food!

What, No Krispy Kremes? :eek: What would Dave say? :confused:

Yehess! (that’s a “yes” with two syllables). Unfortunately I can never eat too early in the morning. My reasoning is that it takes so long for my eyes to open my mouth tends to take a while too. But the smorgasbord would be wasted on me unfortunately.

I don’t think there are any Krispy Kreme stores north of the Mason-Dixon line anymore. At the least, there aren’t really any in New England… :rolleyes:

They fully got rid of the one on the Berlin Turnpike then? Thats sad. I know at my local Shaw’s about a week or two ago they had KK’s still.

i thought there were 2 places where you can get KK’s in CT? :confused: anyways the one on the berlin turnpike is long gone which is sad :frowning:

KKs are good, but when you are hungry DDs are good, too! The best part was that we weren’t eating them outside in a parking lot in the snow! (I will cherish those tailgating memories…)

There is one in Milford, CT. I drove past it last week and it was open, BUT there was an ambulance parked outside.

My first thought was Oh no, they are not THAT bad for you, Are they??? :ahh:

lol, all this talk about donuts is making me hungry:D

Kathie, now I’m sorry I missed your kickoff to go to Manchester. It looks like you had a much better spread than Dean! :smiley:

MMMMM, Donuts. Beware of the Homer bot!