pic: Breaking 226


At Troy Daze. 217 almost breaking 226 calls for a picture :smiley:

That caption is inaccurate. We did no such thing… :halo:

It was a great demo though. The onlookers got to see some intense robot-on-robot action (unfortunate side effect: wayyyy too many of the “DEWD ITZ LIEK BATTLEBOTS” comments)

it really was a great demo :slight_smile:
also very well organized on 226’s part. :smiley:

great fun great people.
I was incredibly happy to see everyone.

Hope to see everyone again at Kettering or ARC!

btw we didnt actually break anything!

lmao I know (: I kid.

I’m excited for Kettering and ARC too. :smiley: First time all season Las Thunder CReW will be competing together!

A likely story…

[RANT]When was this? If it was sometime I could have gone, I would have run their comments to the ground.