pic: Bridge Battle Vex Game

There are twenty short bottles or buoys on the field, 8 on each side of the bridge and four on top of it. Standing buoys in the scoring zone are worth 10 points, laying down buoys with the white tip touching the zone are worth 2 points. Under the bridge is 30 ping pong balls or ‘rocks’. At the end of the field are ‘trenches’ (not built but seen as the white strip of paper) have 2" high walls and can have the balls scored in them for 1 point each. At the end of the match, each robot that touches inside the yellow square on top of the bridge results in 5 points for each drive wheel touching it. The bridge is a total of 8 inches high and the hight under the bridge is 4 inches, almost as tall as the buoys.

I’ll give more detail if you want.

sweet game man! you should make this legit and see how many people you would have to compete. i’d come and build somehting for it.

Once the robot is shipped, I can build something to help test it.

it makes me want to calculate how many wheels i can fit in the box. 12 wheel drive? :smiley:

That I’d love to see.

hmmm… what’s your def. of driven? :wink:

could always make a thing that toucjhes the ground off a servo and have 8 inake rollers attached to it and have em driven… :stuck_out_tongue:

Or a “steamroller” of wheels on the same axle :wink:

If it works it works. You just have to make sure you can stay on the square and not get pushed away by your opponents.

I guess my definition of a Drive wheel is any wheel that moves by power and moves the robot forward. I’m thinking of a cap of 30 or 40 points (6 or 8 wheels), just for fairness.

nice that looks really cool! Make sure to post pics or videos of it in action!

What if a team builds legs or other appendages to move around?:smiley: