pic: BRL CADing

My Solidworks license just ran out, and in lieu of the coming FRC season I had to get some CADing software up and running. I stumbled upon BRL-CAD, a solid geometry editing program that was developed over 25 years ago. It didn’t take long to get the hang of it and now I can make 3d representations of the various ideas floating around in my head.

A little tedious at sometimes, but very functional (and free!)


it’s my understanding that the US Army used or is using BRL CAD to design the Abrams tank? can anyone confirm this?

Looks like the old AutoCAD 3-D models I used to build - back in the day…

I made the switch from paper drafting to AutoCAD c. 1992. Started 3-D modeling at the same time.

This does not bring on an attack of nostalgia. The current toolbox available is much better.