pic: Bronx FLL Tournament


The Bronx FLL Tournament last month had 52 teams competing at Truman HS in the Bronx.
FRC Team 395 hosted the event. FRC Team 375 covered the whole refereeing. FRC 1230 were also there as event volunteers.

As always thanks for being the great FLL advocate that you are and posting pictures of the various tournaments. I just wanted to give full credit to the sponsoring FRC teams 395, 743, and 1230. Special thanks goes out to 375, who made the haul up from Staten Island to the Bronx to completely cover our reffing as mentioned. They are just as much a part of the Bronx Tournament as any of the three other mentioned teams. I thank all of the teams who spent countless hours putting this event together and managing the event well. See you at the Citywide Tournament at the end of the month Rich.