pic: Brunswick Eruption winning alliance on the platform!


This was quite an awesome match. Congratulations on winning, 293, 271 and 102!

Is it a bad sign I can hardly remember that (or any) match very clearly? :yikes:

Well considering I don’t either, and I was the head ref. Im gonna say no.


And on that note, Wetzel pointed it out, the three teams in that alliance, 271, 293, 102, when you add their team numbers together, you get 666. Quite coincidental yet interesting.

I remember seeing some amazing defense by team 293 against team 25. They used their large wings to effectively block 25’s shooter from the base of the ramp and prevent them from putting up absurd amounts of points. The strategy worked well, as they beat the 25 alliance and moved on to win the competition.

wait there were matches going on…

i don’t remember specific matches very well, [except 1923’s, sorry, just a lil biased.], but this one seems to ring a bell. a very fun, exciting one.