pic: Buckeye: 3 point shot from the Human Player!

Wait, wait, wait… Is this forizzle? :eek:

Does this coun’t :eek:

How… did it get up there?

Not sure if it counted but a human player launched it up there at the very end of the match, unintentional i assume. lol

well if it was supported by the trailer at the end of the match it must have.

i question the 1 point bonus though:) .


It should have been a 20 point bonus :slight_smile:

That’s what I said when it happened - you should get 2 in the trailer and 20 on the trailer! This was from the seeding matches at Buckeye, he hit it right at the buzzer and the crowd went wild. The scorers were a bit confused of how to score it, but it ended up counting!

that is amazing. im actually not sure if 20 points is enough of a bonus…

the only way this could be more epic is if it was a super cell