pic: Buckeye Chairmans Award - Team 612


Team 612 receiving their third chairmans award in three years. All three of their awards have been won at different events.

2006 Chesapeake
2008 Buckeye

Congrats guys! You really deserved it.

By the way, thanks a lot for joining our alliance with 1506. You guys had a great robot and we almost pulled off a pretty big upset together.

Good luck in Atlanta!

Thanks SSmike and all of 250 we enjoyed being on your team with 1506 while it lasted at Buckeye. I’m glad we at least posted one win against the number one seeded alliance, we made the quarterfinals a good show.

Congrats team 612 for winning the Chairmans Award! You guys definitely deserved it and it was so much fun to see you guys compete. Again congrats and hopefully we will cya guys in Atlanta!