pic: Buckeye Fire Truck

Here is the fire truck that had to rescue the 19 members of team 578 who were trapped on a 10 person elevator between floors 1 and 2 of the Embassy Suites in Cleveland, Ohio.

What?!!?!! lol

Team 578 decided that their team should all go up to their floor together so they all jammed into one elevator and the weight was too much. The elevator got stuck between the 1st and 2nd floors and the fire department had to get them out. I of course, thought that the hotel was on fire and was having a heart attack, lol.

LOL and they say FDNY gets all the action!!! I guess when a FIRST team is involved anything can happen, I know our local FD paid a visit to our shop twice when dust was kicked up and set off the dector and once when an alarm was jarred.

I am a bit surprised though most elevators beep or wont move if there are too many people from the get-go

Its not so much that they thought they could all fit in one elevator - Several teams were staying at the same hotel

there were only 3 elevators

and the lobby is on the 5th floor

AND there are no stairways (except fires exits which you cant enter from the outside)

when the team party ended on friday night, all those teams arrived at the hotel front door at about the same time, and the line was out the front door waiting for elevators

so naturally when one arrived, as many people as possible tried to get in, so those waiting in line would not have to wait so long

several of the people were younger kids who were travelling with the team

but in all, there were 19 trapped in the evevator

and they were stuck for an hour and a half.

So its not that they were pulling a stunt or trying to see how many people can fit in an elevator - they were trying to do what they could for all those people standing in line behind them, waiting to get back to their rooms after a long day.

BTW - for the record - Cleveland has the most huggable firemen in all of Ohio :^)

it was very bad there, we had that hotel last year and waited atleast 15 minutes to go down 5 floors! WAY to go FAIRPORT! hahaha ken how could you let this happen?

my bolt cutters were in the tool box back at the arena :^)

What you mean other hotels in Cleveland besides the Holiday Inn Select have a student trapping elevator (and what a surprise, it was broken most weekend)?

I have vivid memories of getting stuck in an elevator in a cleveland hotel in 2002. Maybe Ohio should work on that…

We stayed in the same hotel this year Adrienne and the same elevator still wasn’t working.

See Ader… it totally wasn’t my fault.
And to think, all this time you blamed 229. :stuck_out_tongue:

yep I got stuck in the elevator at the Holiday Inn in cleveland in 2002 too - but at least they could pry the door open and get us out with a little step ladder that seems to be stored just a little too conviently close by

last friday at the Embassy suites the elevator went up to where the 2nd floor would be, and it stopped there - so there was no door to pry open and let them out cause there is no second floor

they had to wait for the Otis Man (dressed all in green like a superhero) to arrive and force the elevator to overide its safety shutoffs.

BTW - I wasnt stuck in there with the students, I playing crossing guard on the street.

somehow an elevator full of engineers didn’t realize maximum MEANS MAXIMUM. We were very thankful the hotel did not get mad at us…

speaking about elevators- anyone else have this same problem at Houston last year? We stayed at the hotel across the street (radisson?) and the elevator was always busted, once our head programmer actually opened the elevator panel and connected two wires. It worked. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay for being on the first floor!


Ok now that is funny stuff.