pic: Buckeye: How to pin a Pike...

I’m waiting for a picture of 868 getting pinned to come up :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job though, an amazing strategy in the finals, Lots of fun playing against you guys :smiley:

See you at BMR!

All of us from 1038 thank you for the “Best Dumper” award you guys gave us, very cool! It was plastered on MoJo in the eliminations and will be on Mojo in Atlanta!

It was sorta funny seeing our logo on 2 different bots we were playing against during the finals (1747 best shooter, 1038 best dumper) :stuck_out_tongue:

you guys defiantly deserved it though

thanks for the best shooter award

i guess you got your revenge on us in the quarter finals @bmr :smiley:

still, being on the #8 alliance beating the #1 is still cool though:D

add to that beating the number 1 alliance featuring a world champion to be.:cool:

now off to IRI…

i was thinking the same thing lol.