pic: Build My oun Birthday Gift

Very nice! Will this be your own or do you also plan on helping out the team on the side?

By the way, I really like your worktable. It looks like you made it youself.

Cool. I hope to finish mine this summer. I have a ways to go still.

Where did you get it?

It looks quite nice… :drool:

ZOMG… That looks familar :frowning:

Same thing happened to me in 2006. My next birthday is coming up and the mill still isn’t functioning! I was supposed to be machining parts for the 2007 robot!

Ah well… I’ll get it done this summer… It appears that you were a bit smarter and bought your own speed controller instead of wiring your own. Does it use stepper motors?

He also appears to have decorated it. :smiley:

Looks like he did, hence the piece of paper (or manual?) that reads ‘3-Axis PRO Stepper Motor Driver Kit’

Only Tytus would be combining a mill, tap set, drills and a bare, naked computer. Oh! The humanity!

Look on the bright side: it doesn’t (or, rather, shouldn’t) shoot flames. :wink:

Looks good, Tytus!

It does when the chips get sucked in the power supply of the computer :wink:

This is Tytus we’re talking about, right?!?


What CAM software are you using to drive that puppy?

Ive been planning on rigging up my Sieg x3 with CNC… Looks nice.

i draw my stuff in Autocad i use Mastercam9 for making toolpaths. as soon as i figure out the post processor format for te servo driver i have…

no they just short out and stop working mabye there is a hint of magic blue smoke. probaly did that very thing to 4 power supplies. you actually have to try realy hard to make them catch fire

Like it says in the caption i picked it up from Harbor Freight for $475. and its fitting that its red because its chineese. the steper motor and driver kit i got from http://www.hobbycnc.com/ for $280. had to buy a legnth of lead screw and dig through the recyclables at the machine shop for some chunks of aluminum to mount everything to. and brought it to my trusty Retiered machinest extrodaniar to get it all choped up.

It shouldn’t sparay Flamable Liquid everywhere but mabye il use Kerosine for cutting fluid. you know For fun

Just unbelieveable, my hat is off to you.

We all have faith in you, Tytus. One day, there will be flame.

Meantime, I’m jealous. Once you get it running. let us all know about what it can cut and what it can’t…