pic: Building blocks of a 1 lb shifting transmission

I don’t believe it. Not by the time the sprockets, bolts, spacers, etc… are all added in.

Although, I’m hopeful to see the final result! :smiley:


Im confused, how is that even possible. The big gear is huge and 4 of those gears alone weigh a lb?

Am I wrong and why are they different colors? Aren’t these just gears from AM?

You would have had to essentially remove a quarter of a pound, or a bit more, from the 2007 transmission 254/968 used to get to 1lb even. I don’t see that as physically possible.

Did you hob your gears? Cut them with a form cutter? What alloy? Have you decided it wasn’t worth the work yet? (Don’t mean to be snarky-just that you can find numerous comments from 968/254 members that it absolutely was not worth the amount of effort it took to save 2 lbs).

For reference our 3d printed ABS plastic ball lock transmission (as shown here less CIM) is 26 ounces.

The only metal parts are two 1" bearings, three thrust bearings, air cylinder, a few bolts and a precision 1/4" shaft.


It is possible to make a 1 pound transmission, but will it hold up? :ahh:

Are you direct driving a wheel?

What are you using to shift?

Ha wow leave it to CD to take everything literally. It will probably turn out closer to 1.5lbs per transmission. This was really just supposed to show off some cool gears that will save a decent amount of weight over their steel counterparts

They are 7068 aluminum hobbed and anodized. These should also hopefully be available for purchase by next season for anyone interested in saving a big chunk of weight and higher quality over andymark gears.

Cory, had we been investing our time into making these versus just machining steel gears we would have gone the steel route as well but given the choice to do both without any extra resource allocation we went with the aluminum. The only downfall was the wait (no pun intended) but that was remedied by running steal gears in the interim

those look awesome! (This team is definitely gonna win Einstein guys. no doubt about it)

so have you weighed the finished trans yet? I would love to see the final weight!