pic: Building party for our airship

Only one student?

I would support that. Adults build the field while students design and build the robot. No problem there.

We have been doing an awesome thing the last 2 seasons. Parents build the field elements for the team. It engages the parents of our students and lets the students focus on the robot. It’s a great way of doing it and takes a load off me as a mechanical mentor because I don’t need to coordinate the process anymore.

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Yeah, not everyone has enough students to do everything that they want to do. Or sponsors to make their field for them.

I would agree with the above comments. We feel that it would be a shame to not use the talents of our wonderful parents and volunteers to help with the field elements.

We thought it was funny when we heard before the season… “We have heard that the field this year would be simpler…” :slight_smile:

The mentors on 4418 will literally get yelled at by our program management students if they participate at all in in strategy, design, or build of the robot. Parents/mentors get to build the field elements:]. Personally I more surprised that a student was involved.

Why do we have to have this discussion again?

+1. We have three mentors who have done little technical mentoring this year because they’re building field elements. It probably doesn’t help that we need to be able to move our half-airship through a 34 inch wide door to get it back and forth between the school hallway and our trailer every drive session.

Nothing wrong with a little parent participation at all. :smiley:

It was way more than one student that helped build that. They just are off doing other work or at home sleeping after a long day.

We have been unable to find the team airship drawings. Can you please provide us with a link to where you found the dimensions to build yours?

NO ONE has enough students to do everything they want to do :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s true. There’s always something that you want to do in addition to the stuff you do already.

Searching CD for “Airship drawings” turned up a thread asking the same thing. A few posts down is this post with some plans.

We started with those, but made some mods so we could get it through a door (in at least three pieces).

Our plans that were used to build this airship in this picture are here:



We built our partial airship from the official drawings:

as found on this page:

You can see a photo of our airship here: