pic: Built On Brains 2008 Pre-Ship #2

Here is another picture of BOB on the Saturday before shipping.

Nice robot, but the student couldn’t even get in on the robot with the adults? Who is learning here, the mentors? I may be out of line with these opinions but I think it should be the adults sitting down away from the robot, and the students at it discussing and engineering, not the other way around.

each team has its own way with how they work on their robot, we shouldn’t bash on how each works.

I think he was just pointing out that the student didn’t look very inspired for science and technology.

Team 85 was at the St. Louis Regional, and had an impressive showing. This picture is not representative of their team. BOB has many students who work on the robot. Actually, on their pit sign, they have a statement saying “80% student built”.

Their robots was one of the better trackball-tossing machines in St. Louis by the end of the competition. They took a while before they got good at hurdling, but they were good at the end. Expect them to do well at West Michigan Regional.

Andy B.

I believe this was a tweeking stage on the drive train or the shooter. It was the last saturday before ship and there isn’t mush room around the robot, espically when you try and get 6-7 people working at the same time. It took me all day to finish the covers for the electronics. It could of been 30-45 min job, but when wiring is still going on it’s hard.

Like Andy Baker said, we are mostly student built. The drive train was put together buy students, our arms were bent by students, and everything on the robot was at least built along side of mentors. It’s not who’s working on the robot at any one time, it’s who your working with on the robot.

How teams inspire is irrelevent, so long as the students are inspired.

And from everything I’ve seen about B.O.B., they inspire their students.

It’s funny how photos tell different stories to individuals.

I observed the safety factor. The team mate is watching the efforts of his fellow team mates as they work on the robot, yet he is keeping a safe distance away from the activity as they work. I also wonder what the hand/finger is pointing to from the right side of the photo.

BOB looks great. We are looking forward to seeing you at West Michigan. Glad to hear you were able to get everything working well at St.Louis.

For those of you with immediate negative thoughts and observations, you don’t know BOB, and my Grandmother would like to talk to you.

Probably not the best camera angle or lighting on this shot Josh. I think this was taken when we found a rather annoying intermittent set of limit switch problems as we were approaching lunch. One switch was both adjusted and wired incorrectly (at least from a programmers point of view) with the effects canceling themselves out until vibration when driving showed the problem. At that time, many of the students had been working four or more hours straight alongside us. The students who worked on mounting or wiring these switches were not in the hallway at that time.

I am a student on this team (85) and i just want to say that that picture was taken when our mentors were checking the robot over again. throughout the season, we as the students did a lot of the work, remeber, one picture does not a team describe

Nice looking bot you got there. And in my opinion that student is thinking very intently.

I think that BOB is a great team and when they say that thier robot is 80% built I believe them. Also a person can learn alot from listening and watching a group of talented mentors analyze and troubleshoot a problem. I know that I did when I was a student in F.I.R.S.T.
Good Luck this season Team 85 from all at Team 1319