pic: Buitiful day for hovering


What did you make the baffle out of? It kindof looks like a trash bag? How is the propeller held on?

Baffle? Dont you mean skirt?

Its Not Just a Trash bag Its A Glad Bag

And yes it is held on good!

The skirt… now underneath is it pulled together by a rubberband or what?

an Ovaltine lid and a bolt

But how is it held on? From the pic it looks like it’s somehow ziptied on.


Does it actually go above the ground, or does the skirt drag? I remember making one of these a few years ago out of a cake pan, and a motor with a fan, and 9v battery.

It would float about 1/16th of an inch… which isn’t much… Maybe I will try making a new one like yours, but without the controller, and weighty parts.

A friend cut off his finger on a propeller on his hovercraft.

i use it in my pool and when i take it out it isint wet

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**A friend cut off his finger on a propeller on his hovercraft. **

I don’t think Tytus will have a problem with this, considering the fans that are used. The Propeller would break before his hand does. It looks like a light plastic material.

His were plastic too. Have someone stick their finger in the propeller and see if it comes off :slight_smile:

Tytus…I’d love to see plans and a BOM for how you built that thing!

I had an unfortunate but lucky experience with a wooden propeller on an RC airplane. I accidentally hit the channel reversing switch on the transmitter while I was working over the plane. The propellor spooled up really quick and it my arm going really fast. Lucky for me, all I got was a 1.5 inch gash instead of a missing finger.

Moral of the story, think ahead like 4 steps in whatever you are doing. A lot of accidents will be prevented. I don’t think you need a guard because it would be impractical but just be careful in what you do.

Have fun.:slight_smile:

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**Tytus…I’d love to see plans and a BOM for how you built that thing! **
Some of the best things in the mechanical world come without plans, instructions, or a parts list. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a “just do it” sort of project - and that’s totally cool with me.

no plans = No mistakes

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**no plans = No mistakes **
In a way that’s right. Some things just can really be visualized until you have the material and tools in your hands. And if there is a mistake, it is fixed along the way rather than trying to figure out what’s wrong with a plan.

You know how they say “dont cut towards yourself”?

There Not Jokeing!

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**no plans = No mistakes **

Perhaps when this is all done you could create a plan by reverse engineering what you did. Maybe even in the form of a white paper. I think many people could benefit from this neat “at home” project.