pic: Bumb Climbing Test

Ramp climbing simulation for 2010 Goalie

Are you really relying on that close of a clearance, or is that just “for theory”?

Looks like you will have a problem keeping your bumper unarticulated as the regs require…but nice job with the virtual mock up!

What about the above articulates the bumpers?

Nothing…I didn’t take the time to put on my glasses and look closely and missed the fact that the image is of one bot in two positions, falsely assuming a six wheel articulated frame! An object lesson in the importance of careful observation and analysis for success in FRC and life, right?

hey i hate tell you this but i read in the rule after i saw your design cause my team wanted to do that type of drive frame and it said in rule 8.3.2 R11 that the robot frame cant articulate.

And, if you’ll notice, this already came up…

Note for future reference: spread the robot positions out more if they’re contacting…

b = p ?

Previous FRC ramp climbing experience indicates that a little speed solves most clearance issues. :smiley: