pic: BumbleB 33339 New build space - Almost done

Looks great!

Out of curiosity, how much floor space will this have when you’re done with it? It looks kinda small from the outside pictures, but inside it seems to have plenty of space.

Wasn’t aware team numbers had reached the thirty-thousands :stuck_out_tongue: . Looking good!

OH NO how to put a 5 digit number on a 6" bumper using current rules?

260 square meters.



Like this. There’s a rule on minimum stroke width, but I didn’t see anything about a minimum spacing between digits…:wink:

:slight_smile: Yes and after thinking about it we can split the numbers and display half and half on the two corners of the same side. It will be a few years before this becomes a real problem though.

Now someone with too much time can chart and graph the 
team team numbers from the start till current. 
Calculate the rate of expansion and tell us when
this will happen.  

Gets me every time :smiley: