pic: BumbleB 3339 New Home

Details? What do you plan to put in it? When will it be ready?

We are in the middle of designing a space. Any way to get a copy of your plans and quotes as comparison. We are also putting together a capital project business plan. We need to raise all the money for the project.

Their quotes may not be very relevant for your purposes (they’re in Israel).

Can’t wait to see the end result!

I’m crossing my fingers that the building is in a very prominent place near your school, and you’re going to put some pretty big signs on it announcing it. My dream is that 20 years from now having a robotics / technology center will be just as important as having a football field at every school, whether it’s in Israel or the US. That looks like an awesome facility.

Good luck this year!

Would still be nice information to have…if they are able to share.

3/4 Field by length, machine shop, computers room, 2 general purpose rooms
It will be ready for only practice field in a week or two, the other rooms will be ready probably after the season.

It is inside the school, 50 meters from our current home:)


Where in Israel is this? I used to live there, and probably drove through it at one point or another. :smiley:

“Ish Shalom” High School, Kfar Yona, Israel

Looks Awesome! Thank you!