pic: Bumper idea - legal?

An idea we came up with for changing bumper color. The manual only suggests a removable cover or two sets of bumpers (R12), but we couldn’t find any rules specifically against this. Our main question is if this is legal. The stitching won’t be visible and we will print our team number on both sides, so the only concern would be the flap coming off and leaving the bumper zone, but this is also a risk with bumper covers.

Thanks for any feedback

PS: I used PowerPoint to make the drawing.

This is actually a pretty ingenious idea. I would check with the GDC about legality, but I don’t see why they would disallow this.

Depending on how you attach your bumpers (with bolts, for example), you could also run a bolt through the flap to make absolutely sure it won’t go anywhere.

That is really cool! Agree with Jared, if it works out put a bolt on there to help hold it!

Very smart idea!:]

That’s a great idea. Please get an official answer from the GDC on whether it satisfies the bumper rules.

Great idea. I will be interested in what the GDC rules.

You could put a grommet in the flap on each side and have a bolt that goes through the grommet to hold it in place.

What a great idea. I hope this gets approved.

Genius. Love it.

This is legit! I always love when good ideas come from central ill

That’s a very elegant solution. I love it.

hope they approve this it is a great idea

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll probably back up the velcro with grommets or something similar. The only downside I can think of is it coming loose and leaving the bumper zone.

I haven’t been able to post this to Q&A yet (I need to get our login information), but feel free to use my picture and ask them yourself.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that while this is an ingenious idea, it probably won’t be approved. Quoting <R12>, “Therefore, each ROBOT must be able to display red BUMPERS and blue BUMPERS This may be done via either of two acceptable methods:” and then it goes on to list the methods.

What they don’t say is if any other method is acceptable. That’s what I’d ask. If I had Q&A access, I would say something like: “We have found another method to change bumper color. We would like to know if we are allowed to use this method. [describe method] If this is not legal, we would also like to know which rule it specifically violates.”

Like I say, I’m not sure this method would go through, but I’d love it if it did. I’d also use the grommet attachment suggested.

Has anyone posted this on the Q&A yet? I am my team’s Q&A guy, so I will gladly do it if the OP has yet to gain access to the Q&A. I would actually just copy the picture and use Eric’s question format. :smiley: lol


Go ahead, that would be appreciated. Eric’s phrasing of the question sounds good.

I really like this idea, you guys are good! The Q&A has the final say on this though as to whether it satisfies R12. I wonder why someone didn’t think of this before.

I hope this get’s approved, if it does this could save a LOT of teams (mine included) from having to make 2 sets of bumpers or a bumper cover that could potentially fall off!

Can’t wait to see the GDC feedback on this one! :yikes:

Innovation at its finest. Wonderful idea, and I also hope it gets approved. :smiley:

I have posted this to the Q&A. For the moment it can be found here.

Not only is this ingenious, it also radically reduces the possibility of the secondary, or slip cover, color from hanging down and causing a penalty due to rough play.

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