pic: Bumper Velcro 1

for adding bumper covers

I like the idea of Velcro, but I will warn you now. This game is going to have a LOT of contact, and if those bumpers fall off you will receive penalties. Even if the Velcro is extremely strong, stuff does happen.

Now, I don’t know how strong that Velcro is, so I very well might be wrong. It all depends on the strength of it. But i would still recommend another way, along with the Velcro, to attach your bumpers.

I hope this helped, and good luck this year! To you and all teams! :wink:

I hope that that is for your bumper covers. If it is for your bumpers to attach to the robot, you need to read <R07-I> right away.

I. BUMPERS must attach to the FRAME PERIMETER of the ROBOT with a rigid fastening system to form a tight, robust connection to the main structure/frame (e.g. not attached with Velcro). The attachment system must be designed to withstand vigorous game play – nut and bolt fasteners are recommended. All removable fasteners (e.g. bolts, locking pins, pip-pins, etc.) will be considered part of the BUMPERS.

Like I said, if that’s for bumper covers, you’re probably OK. If it’s for the bumpers to attach to the robot, you’re not going to pass inspection if the inspector knows the rules like they should.

heyyy its maui high !!

heyyy its maui high !!!

haha @jsasaki

i hope you guys arent thinking we’re gonna use velcro to put the bumpers on the robot. We plan to use the velcro for the bumper covers. ideally making two sets would be the plan but we probably will not have enough room for two sets when we fly to regionals

I was worried there for a second. Thank you for clarifying that. :]

In the picture, there is plywood showing on the back of the bumper. It seems like Update #7 says that all the plywood, even on the back, needs to be covered by the fabric. Is that the impression everyone is getting?


What part of Update 7 is leading you to believe that?

I don’t see the words plywood, back, or backing in Team Update 7 or any language that seems to reference the plywood.

Update #7 was only talking about bumper covers and the risks associated with their coming off during a match.

<R07-E> specifies the cover requirements, namely that the covers cover all exposed pool noodles or plywood. Note that Figure 8-1 does not show the cover going all over the back. This leads to the interpretation that “exposed” refers to any part of the bumper that could hit another robot. Plenty of robots have passed in previous years with the plywood back showing under an identical wording of that rule.

Also note that it is not illegal to cover the entire back of the bumper with the cloth. However, it may make mounting more difficult.