pic: BunnyBots 2014 Teaser

Here’s a teaser for the 2014 BunnyBots game…any guesses as to what the game will be?

Visit http://team1540.org/bunnybotsoverview/ for more information about BunnyBots in general, and to see examples of past games.

I’ll look forward to seeing what you’ve got cooking. Do you have a date you’re targetting to release the rules?

September 1st!

I’m beyond exited! I’ve already CADed our next experimental drive train! :smiley:
I’m sure BunnyBots will be as amazing as usual.


Haha. That was my dad’s first reaction when I showed him this teaser.

I’m hoping for some green eggs and ham…

There is an old saying, great minds think alike.

flap jack catapults?

I think a cooking based game would be pretty interesting. I would hate to see the spills though…