pic: Burnt Motors since 2012

@MarshallHiveMind can we be friends now? This is all our faulty motors from the beginning of time!


I’m going to have to call the Motor Abuse Police on you. Those poor 775pros…

the addition of the red tape to the 775 motors makes them redline motors, right?

The pile would be larger if you had started a year earlier.

Where are all the mini-bot motors from 2011? That should have at-least DOUBLED your collection…

i think you guys might be doing something wrong

Well we used 775 Pro drivetrains the previous 2 seasons. I blame the programmers. /s

Kind of Impressed you burnt a CIM Motor, what did you do to burn them? :]

My wallet hurts just looking at that picture.

By my count that’s about $800 in burned motors. Ouch!

Full disclosure: not all were burnt. Some just have broken leads, and some were ruined in press fits pressed too close to the motor. Mini Cims and 15T press fit pinions did not play well.

Not at all. Not so much chocolate and peanut butter with these two.

What are you doing to those poor CIMs? I have had exactly 1 CIM failure since the beginning of time. (When were they introduced, 2004?) And that failed because it was dropped and the magnet broke.

We’ve overtightened and bent the casings before. We have also damaged a few when pressing on pinions. We will red tag it if it doesn’t feel right or gets abnormally hot running in free speed. I believe one started smoking randomly after running it for 30 minutes in a recently greased gearbox. I’ve also only been around since 2015, and some of them are of totally unknown origin.

Hence why we don’t use redlines. :smiley:

But how can you tell the difference between your practice and competition robots without them?

In 2010 my team smoked two CIMs. Our robot had a 4-CIM drivetrain, but as a rookie team with limited resources, we went with only 2 CIMs in the practice bot’s drive. And we practiced hard. We ran for 5-10 minutes at a time, rested just long enough that the motors were no longer hot to the touch and we had a charged battery, then ran again. We did this for hours, until the telltale smell of magic smoke filled the field. Both CIMs were toast. Needless to say, not exactly proper operation. Would not recommend.

Burnt CIMs are a special kind of acrid. shudder

Someone posted a link to a Reddit discussion of “What Can $800 Buy in Your Hobby” in one of the Robotics facebook groups I’m in the other day. This is a tragic answer to that question.