pic: Bush driving MOEzilla

Bush controlled the gripper (while being coached by Morgan) while Scrappy drove. Together they hung a ringer on the top row - he did a very good job at it also.

Why did you guys get to meet with the President? What did he think?

Oh this seriously needs to be on the front cover of a newspaper! I love how intently he’s concentrating…

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And One MOE :slight_smile:

The best way to get a team started is to let someone drive the robot!

If the President can’t come to the Championship…the Championship will come to the President.

Even if you do or do not favor the president, this is great publicity for FIRST! and who knows, this could lead to more political awareness of what we are doing through out the world.

Hmmm…I’m going to bet that this President favored the right joystick over the left…still good press whatever your politics, right?

i wish stephen harper did something like that…all we had was local mp’s coming (not a bad thing in itself, though).

He actually is using the joystick to the right LOL.

I see a future in shirts bearing the slogan “I was the President’s co-driver and all I got was this stinkin’ t-shirt.”

I would’ve loved to see this! Just demoing in the same room as the President would be enough to make me keep my hand glued to the disable switch…

“Watch this, Mr. President”

But seriously, congratulations!


let me saw it again…


that’s robot and it translates to jealous :stuck_out_tongue:


But way to go MOE!!! I cannot say it enough :slight_smile:

I hope he handled that robot better than he did with a Segway!:ahh:

Actually, he said that he fell off to give Dean some publicity for the Segway.

Well he didn’t fall down or tip it over so, yea I would say he did. :slight_smile:

This picture gives me a strange urge to make bad political jokes.

I’ll suppress that urge and instead hope that Bush does some form of promoting FIRST before his term is up.

(Perhaps he’ll even show up to next year’s competition rather than just have his picture plastered up on the screen.)