pic: Butterfly Drive 2169 Style

This is what happens when KING TeC tries butterfly drive on Wild Swerve drive modules, haha. Maybe next time we should locktight them…

Out of curiosity, how did the butterfly drive work? Did you just rotate the angle of the omni wheel where in on position the traction wheels touched the floor and in the other the omnis were perpendicular with the ground? Or did you somehow manipulate both the traction and the omnis with one module and power them both with the same CIM motor?

Well I guess the way I would have described our butterfly drive is more just all omni’s. The swerve drive modules are anchored in place so they do not turn. We burned out all of our turning motors at state, and that was the last of that. It never worked well in the first place.

I drove the bot on slick tile flooring, and it drifts around quite a bit, but it’s a lot of fun to drive. I took it to some carpet, and it handled better.

We will experiment more, and probably post some updates!

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

This is not butterfly haha.

Haha whoops, just the omni wheel mode from Butterfly :o

Still, it was interesting to drive; a robot with only omni’s on a slick floor. Almost clipped the arm on some things a few t imes :rolleyes:

Don’t forget the locktite on those WCD gearboxes :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, so you were steering omnis? WHY?

More shocking, you burned out steering motors while steering omnis? HOW?

I’m hoping this is a gigantic troll because the level of WTH is way too high.

I believe what happened was they ran traction wheels with their swerve at the MN state tournament and blew out the turning motors there, and then locked the modules in place and ran it as a 4 wheel tank. Then some time later they switched the traction wheels to omnis.

I’m guessing they burned out the swerve drive, then swapped the omni wheels in so they could drive it as a 4 wheel drive.

Dang, ninja’d.

Careful with loctite near those polycarbonate wheels… You’d be much better served with NyLok nuts or similar.

Ok, this makes significantly more sense.

At the start of the season, all of the wheels were 6" KOP wheels, each one individually powered. We couldn’t really get the code right, so for state, we added steering linkages, meaning the front pair of wheels were locked together, and the back pair of wheels were locked together. Essentially it had a car steering setup on both the front and back. Well after/during our second match at state, we think the bar flipped around to the opposite side of the wheel, and the encoder detected that, and tried to correct itself, hence burning out all of our motors. The day before state, we changed out the wheels on the shadow bot modules for tank, so we quickly reprogrammed the robot and changed out the modules, took out the turning motors, and locked the wheels in place. Tank has so far worked the best :smiley: Just for fun, we made all of the wheels omni’s, still having them locked in place.

I believe those are vex omni wheels and they are made out of glass filled nylon. I’m fairly confident you can use threadlocker without the risk of melting or cracking plastic.