pic: buttons

so…we made buttons on tuesday, these ones, are my personal buttons for this year

by the way… I am the STIG

see you at UCF and Atlanta

Gorrilla out.

A little “nugget” of advice…

Dont-Put your hands anywhere near the button maker when Im’ making buttons:P

Some say that he thinks the moon is a fictitious place.

Others that he is legally required to stay 500 feet away from Andy Baker.

All we know is hes called The Stig.

I cant tell you how much I would love to see a driver in full Stig dress . .and attitude. Anyway good luck at your regionals.

some how the Stig’s shield would not meet the non-tinted rule.

I was in London for a school activity this New Year and met a gentleman who had met the real Stig and knew him. His friend even had “Stig” on his “mobile” when Stig called.

He would not reveal his identity.

good luck

The ref wouldn’t dare challenge The Stig!

The Stig…that’s epic.