pic: Buzz Autonomous in action at Beantown

The Buzz Breakaway robot in action during autonomous at The Beantown Blitz.

Kudos to The NUTRONS FRC 125 for hosting the event, along with our great alliance partners AIR Strike FRC 78 (Alliance Captain) and The KwarQs FRC 2423.

78, 175, and 2423 went on to win the Blitz with the finalists being 1073, 1519, and 2648.

175 also won the “Awesome Autonomous Award”

This auto mode definitely contributed to our success at Beantown last weekend. It was awesome playing with you guys, finally. :smiley:

Even when it didn’t score it was a huge help. 78 was a fantastic scoring machine and loading the first zone up with soccer balls was almost as good as scoring in autonomous.

It was definitely an enjoyable experience working alongside both 78 and 2423. Our autonomous mode worked as the key to our success.
Kudos to the Buzz programmers for their work on this year’s autonomous.

It seems that rivals make excellent alliance partners . . . :stuck_out_tongue:

Beantown was full of amazing autonomous modes this year! 175, 2648, 1519, 1058, 190, and others each had 3+ ball autonomous modes which gave an alliance quite the upper hand. I know 1073, 1519, and 2648 came so close to pulling off a 6 ball auto twice but had to settle for 4 with the other two near the goal.

For some reason though, 175’s seemed to stick out the most of all of them. Congratulations guys! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This is a great action shot! Congrats, Buzz, on the amazing autonomous and on winning the Beantown Blitz!

You guys had a really really effective autonomous mode. The semis and finals were filled with teams that could really pound the goal in auto. It made for some very interesting matches!

Kudos on an “awesome autonomous” and on winning the Blitz! We always love having you guys there