pic: Buzz: Yellow Invasion

The pit crew queueing the 2010 Breakaway robot for a match on our legendary cart.

is their a CAd drawing my team likes the desgin at this carts seeem to last a few season we never had a decnt cart and want to build it similar to yours

Is that at BAE GSR?

It appears to be at the 2010 Northeast Utilities Connecticut Regional. Because if my eyes are correct, that is the CT convention center.

The Buzz cart really is pretty awesome, I have to agree!

I’m pretty sure this picture was taken at UTC rather than GSR, given that 241’s pit can be seen in the right-side background and the back of a 228 shirt can be seen in the left-side background… According to TBA, the only tournament with all three teams in attendance in 2010 was UTC…

No CAD models for our cart. I think it is at least 10 years old already!!!

Hint #BUZZ1: If you see red instead of yellow and walk through a Sears store…