pic: BUZZ9

2004 Team #33 Killer Bees Robot
VCU Champions

Congrats Zondag and Team 33. Team 302 was extremely happy for you guys after we heard word about your victory down in Virginia! Last year was a tough year with unlucky breaks, but this season seems to be going your way already. Good luck at the Detroit Regional and maybe we’ll see you down in Atlanta now :smiley:

Again, congrats on building yet another awesome bot. That transmission of yours sounds sweet.

Nice whitewalls! :slight_smile: What do the whitewalled tires do? It seems the robot has six other tires for climbing. I also like the frame with the tubing bent to go around the corners. Having a tubing bender is nice especially when you don’t have to cut and weld every corner.

Awesome machine 33! It was a joy to watch you on the webcast at VCU. Your ball dropping/doggie door style mechanism amazed me, along with you truely awesome human player. I hope to see you go far this year. Best Wishes!

Hey guys. Your robot looked awesome on the webcast of VCU and when we all saw you guys picking up those balls. We all immediately remembered our 2002 robot nicknamed the Shopping Cart. So, it is my pleasure to nickname you guys the Shopping Cart 2! It is your choice whether or not that it will stick. I hope to see you in Atlanta!

Its awesome!

What exactly is this doggy door mechanism?

Sorry, my lack of words to describe the mechanism. So many teams were receiving penalties, and 33 easily avoided a penalty of interference with the human player at the player station. The door sorta flops out (forward I believe) to let the balls release from their hoppper). If anyone has a picture of them unloading at the player station it would help explain.

Our team was sooo happy to see you guys in the finals. We were unsure early in the design phase weather or not a hopper design would be beneficial. You have proved to that the Robodevils hopper was a very valuable design.

Good Luck

There is no doggie door.
The Ball-o-filer on the front just pushs the balls out with the front roller.
and the green teathers keep the balls from jamming up in there.
Thanks all for the compliments.
Have a nice season.

if you guys and gals got any q’s ask em!

I think what she meant by doggie door is that the front flips out during autonomous when tour 10 pt. ball whips are deployed. The reason for this is basically better capacity. We can hold an extra 4 or 5 balls that way. It is also easier to get the balls out of the machine. Once the front out, it remains out for the rest of the match.

As for the whitewalls, they are actually barbecue wheels. the whole top frame of the robot articulates separately from the black part underneath. We raise them to the level of the 6 inch step, and use that to lift up the drive module. I don’t think that explination was very clear, so I’ll try to get a picture of that, along with the Ball-O-Fier opened up.

Now that I look at it, the pic that I uploaded awhile ago to Chief Delphi has the front flipped out. Here it is:

I like the other decaled pic. It is pretty cool looking

The doggie-door is nice to change the battery.

Yet we all know the bot would be nothing without the Screen Squares! :smiley: