pic: C.H.A.O.S. 131

Here is a good picture of our robot for this season!

Suction cups??! Is it powered? Or just mechanically with the arms?

Hm… do you guys plan on covering those electronics? I predict much suffering if it’s not covered. :wink:

i saw these guys at our open house…


they have a belt in the inside of the bot, that acts as 2 purposes, one, it sucks balls up, and 2 the entire middle of the bot lifts up and the belt moves it up onto the platforms

The thought of what would happen if we didnt cover them is Horrifying :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:

This picture was taken b4 we had completed the covers for the robot.

For those are attending the BAE Regional- See ya there!

Nice robot…I think I saw it at the unveiling…right?

Good luck…and we’ll see you at the Manchester Regional!


:ahh: sick bot boys and girls…you made one CHAOS alum a very happy man! see y’all at BAE!!! :smiley:

Great bot, as usual, from 131. I like the nice wheels on the near side. More importantly, it is good to see a 'bot that can not only grab a 2x ball, but also collect and pass off small balls. This strategy gives you lots of options on how to play the game.


Andy B.

Beautiful looking bot once again from team CHAOS! I am very curious to see exactly how that plunger grabs hold of the doubler.

Good Luck!
-Andy Grady