pic: C.H.A.O.S. 131's 05 Bot!

INTRODUCING 131’s 05 Bot!

that looks hardcore. matter fact. it looks hardcore everyday. if someone was to ask how many days hardcore that robot was, i would say, its hardcore everyday.

( im the tall one if anyone cared to know)

Holy cow…

look at those “Dark Side of the Moon” pants!

OH yeah, good bot too. :wink:

To the kid on the right,

Those are AMAZING pants. Roger Waters, I am certain, is jealous.

Nice pants.

Oh yea and the bot looks good to… :slight_smile: I like the wheels, are you using skid drive?

I am sure pete would love to see all these comments about his Dark Side of the Moon PJ bottoms. We had a small blizzard here today so I think he just kinda rolled out of bed and came into CHAOS.

one cool thing about our robot, is that it changes color As you walk around it!

Its 2 wheeled drive, 2 drive wheels and 2 casters.

What do you mean that it changes colors as you move around it?
I thought that the colors had to be the same and not change so not to confuse other teams on the field.

but if its not against the rules then that would be cool to see.

well it technicaly does not change color, its this cool kind of paint… there is no light source that changes color

Is it the Dupont paint that changes colors?

Wow, lookin’ good!
One thing I’ve noticed is that 131 will do good with ANY machine. You guys always seem to end up on top. I wish I was going to BAE to see you guys in action.

Good Luck,