pic: Cable carriers!!!



Cable carriers are useful for more than just wires!!! :D.


Energy chain is the second most abused item in the kit of parts yearly. The first is always the game piece.

A regular yell of ‘stop bouncing that ball!’ can be heard through our build area…and when it gets quiet you can hear the “shhhh-snick” “shhhhh-snick” of someone rolling the energy chain back and forth.

Someone should do a ‘sounds of FIRST’ thread.

3…2…1… “Goooo!”


Charge sound

(I would argue that the threaded rod in previous years was the most abused item. Not a moment went by on my team when someone wasn’t spinning one up and down in its bearing.)


I’m pretty sure both of these items are included for the scenario when there is [strike]rookie[/strike] students that are looking for something to do.


Well, that’s me. I think we may end up overusing these, this year.

Just for the sake of it, I thought of a way to get opposing robots to get angry:

So, the robot will run vision. So our robot will try to create a haar-cascade of the other robot and trace a specific part, probably the shooter. There will be a computer with a good and loud speaker. So the speaker will have at leas 20 different honk sounds that will randomly shuffle. So the robot will defend by continuously following the other robot, and making noise. There will be some TTS running so the robot will end up saying: Team blah blah blah. Please just give up cause I am too good for you.

At the end of the game, an auditory countdown will happen, and the robot will say a joke from the fortune joke dictionary

I think that would keep the audience alive :smiley:

robot 1: [1]
robot 2: [2]
speaker: <
[1]<[2]    <==1 following 2, constantly honking, and taunting the other team (in a non-destructive way). That would be fun to see :D

I just noticed how the speaker and the “and” are highlighted above! Perfect, CD!

By the way, how do I set that as the pic, right next to my profile pic, the electric arc?


As electrical leader on T3, I can honestly say I’d been hoping to have the opportunity to use energy chain with the coming of the 2014 game.


Woh, what’s this fun spinny stick!


Those “spinny things” are fun to play with initially. However, as soon as you find out what they are used for and how fast they are, they ain’t attractive no more!

Our initial pickup mechanism was powered my a lead screw and it took > 10 seconds to bring the ball to shooting position!


Which is exactly why they’re fun to play with. You can’t use them on the robot, so you use them for fun instead.