pic: CAD of 401's New Gear Holder

After the issues with our original design at Southwest, we decided to design a new holder with CAD. Hopefully the new set up works better for Hampton Roads.

I can think of at least 384 reasons and no fewer than 1080 reasons that you are attempting this.

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Eh, it is somewhere between 1610 to 2363 reasons that not dropping every gear might mean we can score a little higher :wink:

Haha :smiley: :wink:

CAD - Cardboard Approximated Design

or Cardboard Aided Design

Either way, it’s great.

Don’t worry, if you drop them we’ll pick them up.


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very gp

Why cad it when it’s already been designed? Or why prototype when its already been tested?

another gem from an anon account… Please, stop giving cheese a bad name.

We designed the gear holder piston placement, servo linkage, and path of the gear through the system in Inventor in 2D sketches. After the 2D sketches we moved to full 3D models and finalized the design.

We’re not a super wealthy team, and building our first practice bot this year had pretty severely depleted both our material and financial resources, so we opted to move to a cardboard mockup before we invested the time and material in a full metal / polycarb version. If we’d skipped the cardboard version and the final version hadn’t worked out we wouldn’t have had time to order material for a rework before our district event. When we were satisfied that the cardboard version of the design worked as intended we built the final version out of polycarb / aluminum.

The gear holder worked pretty well at Hampton Roads and was a massive improvement over the one we used at Blacksburg.

The only failure we experienced was losing a 2" x 3" flap of .030" polycarb in one of our last qualification matches. We bonded the flap back on and were good to go for our next match.