pic: CAD Team On Strike, And These Are Our Demands

This is what happens when you steal the CAD teams hat and pull the drawstring out of his shop sweatshirt.
Seriously though, those T-Shirts would be dope.

Can a “Team” be just 1 person? :stuck_out_tongue: I’d go on strike for 217 t shirts too tho :smiley:

EDIT: I think this picture also counts as a teaser lol

Just invade Canada since I’m fairly certain that 217 provided one to every Canadian citizen… (and their moose)

I wish! My moose has been dying for a thunderchickens t-shirt.

Hey, you’re lucky you have a moose. Meanwhile I have to live without a moose and without a 217 shirt D:

Although this “CAD Strike”, if implemented correctly, may fix both of my problems.

I’m confused… what does 217 have to do with Canada? :confused:

217 sponsors Canada.

I already have a Thunder Chicken’s shirt :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too! :slight_smile: Got one when they helped us place 2nd in the world in 2009.

Here is a quote from Paul Copioli posted here on chief by username:johnsmithers

217 would never collaborate with 1114 because they are crazy and they talk funny.

Sounds like Paul, lol :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, we are willing to back down off strike if we get the shirts.


As an American spy infiltrating Canadian sponsorship pools, I can confirm this.

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