pic: California Fires

Here's a shot of the one in the Burbank hills that I can see from my house. Looks like the world is about to come to an end. The smoke is so thick you can look at the sun because it is very shaded by the smoke. The sky is all brown. The fire is just starting to come over onto the north side. I was watching with a telescope and it was like I was right there on the line. At times I saw flames 80-100+ feet high. The Canadian supertanker airplanes have been incredible to watch. It is quite a fight, but the firefighters will prevail.

even though I’m pretty far from the fire, i can smell the smoke . i was going home from a CAD class yesterday and debree was falling from the sky and i started coughing because of all the smoke

The fire was bad last night. West Hills, where 1/2 of my friends live and where I go to school, had to get evacuated, so I had no school today.:smiley:

But now the fire is beginning to get contained. People are being allowed back into their homes, so that’s definitely good.

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel that the Santa Ana winds came in early this year…

Does anyone else even know when the Santa Ana winds usually come in? LOL. j/k I seem to remember strong, gusty, warm (sometimes) winds always a couple weeks into the start of school so it seems about right to me.

Anyway, this particular fire is just about totally out now, but the heavy smoke still lingers. I wish those winds would come again and blow all the smoke out of here.

I always thought they came in in early September, not late. Of course, they can come at any time, but late August/early September is usually about right.

(Oh, and for those of you out there who are not from SoCal, a Santa Ana wind is one that comes in from Santa Ana, which is hot. Therefore, the term “Santa Ana” may be used for most particularly hot winds from the east.)

I’ve always associated September with Santa Anas. This September seemed unusually cool to me. In fact, we had our first rain before our first Santa Anas; it seems to me that it’s usually the other way around.

Team 330 has a booth at the Manhattan Beach Old Hometown Fair this weekend (attempted fundraiser), and the weather has us a bit confused. Yesterday there were fires in the hills, but people we know said they got rained on briefly in Burbank and Lomita. Today it’s much cooler, even foggy. Tomorrow in M.B. it’s supposed to be cloudy AND foggy, with a high of only 71 F or so. Then, by Tuesday, they’re predicting fire weather again!

I’m glad we’re not getting smoke here; it’s depressing, living under a smoke cloud (refinery fire when I was a kid, caused by lightning–3 days).

Good Luck to all people effected by these fires. Prayers are with you!