pic: Call 612


we were trying to get in touch with team 1002 but they weren’t in teams pit at the time so we left a message on the floor in 1002’s pit. :slight_smile:

This brings the question of course… did they ever actually call you? :smiley:

actually they called us but i was in queue

i think 1002’s network was down in Atlanta
i couldn’t call them

and thanks for the dinner 1002

well at least we got the answering machine in 1002’s pit working

i have been reading posts about those phones and i couldnt tell if it was sarcasm or real but do those phones really work or are they fake boxes?:yikes:


p.s. yes i am aware that i sound like a noob but its worth it it i get answered…

they were “stess toys” made from squeezable foam. So no, they don’t really work.

Yeah, I gave them a call, but they didn’t pick up.
And no Sean is right, they were not real cell phones. They were foam stress toys with “Join the Network” written on the back. It was our theme for the year so we gave them out. 3,000 throughout the entire season.
And Ash and Shan, only you guys could come up with something like that. lol

Wow, why find them when you can make them find you!:smiley:

But the one i had worked…Hmmm I wonder if it was defected?

J.K. :slight_smile:
I did like them though.

I just tryed to call 612 on my phone and it it sent me to Nextel Minutes used, if thats you guys running that service then we need to talk… :slight_smile: