pic: Camp Invention


Wearing SPAM shirts, Tiffany and Chuck help out at Camp Invention. I was helping out too…with a group of 2nd and 3rd grade boys. Boy, am I worn out just after two days.

SPAM RULES! I love Brittany and Tiffany. You guys rock! So do the 'lil future SPAMMERS! Keep it up! Go Robot Chicks Union. :wink: :] :yikes: :stuck_out_tongue:

I love you too Barry! Yes…recuiting the future SPAMmers has been a blast. But it will be a long week! lol. I’m teaching them cheers for “Burbank” our team group and for camp invention. "Camp Invention is our name…Imagination is our game. We create–we discover… We invent, we uncover…lol. It is a lot of fun. Wish everyone had an oppertunity like this, working with your fellow team mates on the job and teaching about robotics! lol. wish you were here on the sunny (it was 100 degrees today) treasure coast!

wow! wish i was on planet zak! sounds like a great deal of fun. keep up your devotion to robotics and i’ll keep loving you.


Go OU!

what did you say the kids called swampthing? Zwamp Zing?

yes tytus they call it Zwamp Zing-- on planet zak everythign starts with z- like znakes, zears, zpiders etc… so swamp thing became zwamp zing :slight_smile:

enjoy y’all

lol. yes, the zakian aliens on planet zack go “zishing in ze zwamp” (most of these will be future spammers). today the flew back to earth though, after building duct tape spacecrafts and sporting some protective gear…helmets and saftey goggles…see…we’re turning them into a pit crew already! the camp has been a blast, and today’s my last day. oOOooo I get to be camp cheerleader! “Camp Invention in our name” (repeat after me) “Imagination is our game” “We create–we discover” “We invent and we uncover” and etc. my voice is practically gone…forget the camp song!

What is Camp Invention? Is this something that SPAM runs or is it just something you guys all decided to volunteer for?

Also, if you like working with kids, remember that that’s a possible carrer choice. (Not to dissuade anyone from engineering, of course.) =-]