pic: Can anyone identify this man? ;-)

Paul Alliare?


Wierd Al?

My dad? :rolleyes:

That’s who I saw.

You all think too much… Obviously it’s Dean Kamen!


Not obvious enough, isn’t he JVN?

It’s not a man, it’s a woman with a camera in her face.

Is she the one taking the picture – into a mirror?

It would be cool to get the picture that lady took :]

NO! It’s Dave Lavery with his inspirational stares he has!

That’s obviously Ken Leung!

You people are really slow…I instantly saw that it was Brandon Martus.

Tonya Scott isn’t a man…

He seems to be inspecting the lighting up in the rafters

My best guess is he’s a roadie with the stage crew.

and from the look of accomplishment on his face, he seems to be pleased

so maybe hes the person in charge of the lighting crew?

no that cant be, he’s not wearing a tie! - he’s probabally the guy that climbs up in the rafters and sets up the lights.

BTW - we owe a lot to these behind the scenes guys who make the events happen - nice job Mr Anon Lighting Roadie Guy, whoever you are! :^)

gah, that reminds me of some beer ad…Real American Heroes, anyone?

(DISCLAIMER: If you’re under 21, don’t drink. And if you do, drink responsibly.)

…although wouldn’t the lighting folks also have on the FIRST Frenzy shirts? (And I seem to recall that photographer–she was on Archimedes a few times.)

By the way, that guy is soooooo David Kelly.

He reminds me of someone… it’s nagging at the back of my head… but I can’t put a name to it…

The guy at FIRST who built the fields? I talked to him a while at one of our comps.


definately not male

cool pic though

what were Dean and John looking at anyway?

Oh darn! I uploaded my “Who Am I” pic to the wrong gallery! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: