pic: Can you guess our team colours?

Our current progress on robot assembly, hopefully driving tomorrow!

Is it red and purple? Orange and silver ? maybe black and gold? I got it, it’s GREEN(blue+yellow).

Do your front wheels extend past your frame in the front or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

Red and green…duh!

Oh yeah: I also hope those wheels aren’t beyond your FRAME PERIMETER when you arrive at competition.

PMS 109 and 280.

Your eyes would appear to be playing tricks on you :wink: the wheels, although they appear to be extending past our perimeter, are most certainly not. We made sure of this during the design of our drive.

Looking nice Trojans!

R26 seems to be an issue for a few plate drives this year, and it appears you’re in violation of it right now.

Here’s my post from a similar thread.

Clearly maize and blue!

Although in this photo, yes we are in violation of R26, we have bumper mounts that will be attaching to the spacers on the end of the plates. These mounts will make us no longer in violation of R26

That’s what I figured. Chassis looks great! Makes me more hopeful that we will have time to get to paint this year…