pic: Can you ID these people?

All of these FIRSTers ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner on Wednesday night, how many can you identify?

Looks like a bunch of people eating and having a good time.

The Only person I think I can make out with this (non digital) photo j/k is brandon if thats him. Otherwise I don’t know who the other FIRSTaholics are.

They’re all F.A.A. to me - FIRST Aholics Annoymous

Start Pointless Rant Here:/

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of All ages. Welcome to the main event…
Lets Get Ready To RUMBLE

End Pointless Rant Here

Some of them…
KenL, Erin, Cory, Adrienne, Jeff, DJ, Brandon, Rob, Amanda…

I can also identify the situation as a, so called, “good time.” :stuck_out_tongue:

envy envy envy

I can add a few to that. Chris Noble is the guy in the gray FIRST shirt. David Kelly is in the back in the red shirt (left of Martus). Stu Bloom is the guy between Cory and Erin. The guy to the right of Brandon looks like “miketwalker”.](http://www.chiefdelphi.com/pics/bin/10789761692.jpg)

dont forget dave :smiley:

Someones gotta post a better picture with out the red eye cuz i didn’t notice dave till you mentioned him. the red eye throws peoples looks off a bit.

I shall be at a web hug next year (Hope to anyway)

The guy right above Stewie in the black with the really goofy smile :smiley: is Ben Lauer from 1018, field reset guy on curie on friday.

brando martus, mike walker, DJ Fluck, David Kelly, Mike, Amanda Morrison, Ken Leung

thats all i can get

Hmmm … I’ve got Ken Leung, David Kelly, Brandon Martus, Mike Walker, Erin Rapacki, Jeff Waeglin, DJ Fluck, Amanda Morrison, Cory McBride, and Andy Grady (?)

Just a bunch of FIRST Dorks…


Hard Rock + All of us = Fun. I’m up for doing that again :wink:

disappointed the picture was taken after Sarah and myself left

Dinner conversation with Chris Nobel is interesting, but a fun time as with most other FIRST-related dinners.

And best of all, Erin didn’t spill a milkshake on me this time.

I spilled a milkshake on you?? I’m sorry… I must have forgotten your name :smiley:

Hi Rob!!!

Yes, that was a very fun evening. Much Dorkus Anonymus Aroundus :wink:

Hey all.
I know most ot these people, but i just wanted to say thanks for inviting me to chill with all you.
I only knew 2 people from that picture before the championship, and now I know 10.
i had a great time, thanks!!!

That was wednesday night at the Hardrock Cafe.

Jeff Waegelin and I planned a little dinner for a few people that turned into a pretty big gathering when we found out that DJ couldnt count and meant he was bringing twice as many people as he said he was.

Someone told them it was Ken L’s birthday. There are a few pictures of that floating around. Pretty funny stuff :smiley:


I’ll try my best

Left to Right: Ken L., Raj Daftaur (don’t kill me Raj if I’m not right), Chris Noble, David Kelley, dunno, Brandon Martus, Rob Colattulo, dunno, DJ, Amanda.

Sorry, but I just know people from Indiana or ex-461 ers.


Ok, time to reveal the answers.

Starting on the top row, its me, Jeremy Roberts of 1002, Christ Nobel, David Kelly, Ben Lauer, Brandon Martus, Mike Walker, Jeff Waegelin, D.J. Fluck, and Amanda Morrison.

Bottom row, Cory from 100, Stu Bloom of 1018, Adrienne of 100, Erin Rapacki, and D@ve of 121.

I am so happy it was such a great party, and it was only Wednesday when we were done with volunteer meeting. That’s when you can tell the next few days are going to be filled with lots of cool things. I was totally worn out by the time I have to flew out of Atlanta this morning.

Darn it… What time was this around?? We stayed right across the street at the Westin and were there later in the night. re: 10:30

I missed all of you that night?? <cries>

Oh well, I met some of you throughout the next few days.

We were there about 8:30 to 10:30 or 11:00, counting the time we stood outside playing with/watching Segways. Good times… I’ll have to post some of my pictures I took.

You didn’t happen to be there the same time the people were yelling YEAH, WHAT, OKAY or the people constantly hitting the gong? Did you guys leave when the segways were outside or was that you? We were in there around nine somethings. I was with the huge group of kids.